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13 Point Ranch is located near Cross Plains, TX, which is about 45 miles SE of Abilene & is a joint venture between myself Cynthia & my husband Andrew Maxson
We breed and sell dual registered ADGA/AGS Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats with excellent show & milking bloodlines. Our "Nigies" are bred for temperament, conformation, milk production, and as show prospects.
Our small herd of goats are raised on certified organic feed, are never fed any GMO's, and are only wormed with an organic herbal wormer. We use herbal and holistic treatments whenever possible, and with the exception of CD/T vaccines, we TRY to only use chemical (traditional) medications like antibiotics, as a last resort, or for emergencies.
It is important to us that the milk our goats produce for us (and for you!) is as natural as  possible. However, our goats' lives, health, and comfort are our top priority, so if/when any of our goats need traditional medicines, we do not hesitate to use them.
Every goat we have is dear to us, and receives a lot of individual attention & love. While we do have a couple of shy girls that could care less about attention (unless it's treat time), most ofour goats are very friendly (some overly so), and yes...they're just a little bit spoiled here!

Kids born on our ranch are dam raised, (unless supplemental milk is needed) but after the kids are a day old, we handle  & play with them every single day. This is in hopes the goats will grow up to be friendly & easy to work with for things like: showing, milking, easy to catch, walking on a lead, having their hooves regularly trimmed, getting hair cuts, etc.
13 Point Ranch kids are disbudded, tattooed, and will have their CD/T vaccine, before going to their new homes.
-Because our goats are disbudded, we will not sell our goats (adults or kids) to herds with horned goats.
We also will not sell just one goat, unless you already own other goats. Goats are herd animals, and for their happiness and well being, it's important they have at least one other goat as a buddy. We sometimes have wethers (castrated males) available to purchase if you need a "buddy" for another goat you buy from us. Wethers can be companions for both bucks and does, and also make great pets!
~These policies are for the well being of the goats, and we appreciate your understanding our stance on them.

We have
kids for sale throughout the year, and occasionally have adult goats for sale, so if you're looking for a naturally raised home milker, show prospect, 4-H project, or just a wonderful pet; consider a 13 Point Ranch Nigerian Dwarf!

Last, but certainly not least; Andrew and I would
like to send a HUGE thank you to Audrey & Amy Kowalik of Lost Valley Nigerians. The two of you have provided us with some amazing goats, helped us set up our herd, and been the best mentors a goat owner could ever dream of having! Plus you put up with the never ending (and often completely ridiculous) questions that I (Cynthia) seem to always come up with. :)
„We love and thank you both from the bottom of our hearts! 

In the meantime, if you have any questions about our goats,
goats for sale, or just want to chat;
please email Cynthia at:

Thanks for stopping by!
 Cynthia & Andrew Maxson


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